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Fiorano SOA Platform is the first SOA platform for real-time business built on a standards-based Enterprise Service Bus, enabling the effective coordination and interaction of software assets across the extended enterprise. This allows non-technical business analysts to compose, deploy and monitor business component applications without the need for programmer intervention. Users can draw on existing business logic and processes residing anywhere within the enterprise to rapidly assemble solutions for particular problems, leading to unmatched flexibility, increased productivity and improved responsiveness to changing business conditions. In fact when customers compare Fiorano SOA Platform with other SOA platforms and find that they can get almost an 80% reduction in development and maintenance costs through using this unique SOA solution.

Fiorano SOA Platform offers a number of benefits over existing SOA solutions for real-time enablement, including faster implementation and deployment cycles, a flexible platform for future expansion offering a high degree of reuse, easy extensibility, seamless interoperability and probably the lowest use of IT resources in production - all leading to an improved ROI and significant IT savings when delivering on the promise of SOA. Fiorano ESB can be used not only for application integration but also for the development of general purpose distributed applications connecting independently designed business components created by independent teams of developers.

The Fiorano SOA Platform consists of the following components utilizing which we at Attune Infocom deliver on the significant IT cost savings mentioned here:

The Fiorano ESB is a web-services capable middleware infrastructure platform that supports intelligently-directed communication and mediated relationships between SOA and EDA business components. Unlike other platforms, Fiorano ESB supports both SOA and EDA over a single technology base with a single repository supporting business component model, design, development and deployment tools all together with an important tools for security and administration.

FioranoMQ is the world's first grid-enabled, peer-to-peer JMS messaging platform, with powerful and unique features including dynamic routing, distributed debugging of message flows, dynamic deployment of JMS client applications, unbounded scalability, direct invocation of standards-based JCA components and unparalleled ease-of-management with JMX standards.

We at Attune Infocom helps organizations with our core-business to implement their desired middleware with our expertise, which in our opinion encompasses areas like SOA, EDSOA, BPM and ESB with Portlet and highend CMS solution. We address and have specialist for every phase of a project, from initial investigation and product selection to maintenance. This allows us to compare and combine products and keeps our costomers happy with their desired solution.

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