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  SOA, JAVA, J2EE Training Plan  
  (4-6 months)  
Week – 1 Web Technologies
  JavaScript, jQuery
  Ajax / DHTML
Week – 2 Core Java
  OOP's concepts
  Java API, Creating packages
  Collections API
Week – 3 Database Integration
  Installation to MySQL
  Database concepts
  Database programming – JDBC
Week – 4 JSP / Servlet, EJB, JSF,  GlassFish
  Installing, Upgrading NetBeans IDE
  Administration of Glassfish v2.1
  Servlets, MVC Architecture
  JSP, JSF, Enterprise Java Bean 3.0
  Simple application development
  Tag libraries, Ant – a simple build file
Week – 5 Struts, EJB, Hibernate
  Introduction to Struts, MVC2 Architecture, Directory Structure
  Action mapping, ActionForm files
  Struts examples and Enterprise Java Bean 3.0
  Client and server side validation
Week – 6 Service Oriented Architecture & Web Services
  SOA Concepts
  Intro to Web Services & WS* Standards
  Installing, Upgrading NetBeans IDE
  Installation of ESB and JBI Components
  Working JBI and ESB Architecture
  Working with NetBeans IDE for Developing Web Services (WSDL)
  Forming and Managing WSDL Documents in NetBeans
  Different Views of WSDL Document
  Different Format of WSDL Documents
  WS*  -  Security, Reliability, Transaction, Policy, Addressing, Routing
  SOAP, UDDI, RestFull Web Services, Data binding (JAXB)
Week – 7 BPM (BPEL)
  Intro to BPEL
  Working with NetBeans IDE for Developing BPEL
  Working with BPEL -  Designer, Mapper, Palette
  Creating a Loan Processing Composite Application
  Correlation, Flow control, Handling Fault and Error
  Binding, Transaction, PBEL Persistence
Week – 8 Open ESB, JBI, CASA (Composite Application Service Assembly)
  The role of binding components & Service Engines  in JBI Container
  Working NetBeans IDE for binding components & Service Engines
  Working with File BC, SMTP BC, SOAP BC, JDBC BC, JMS BC, FTP BC
  Working with ESB, BPEL SE, Java EE SE, SQL SE, IEP SE, XSLT SE, NBR
  XML Schema, Encoding, CASA, Advance Event Handler (BPEL, IEP, Etc..)
Week – 9 to 16 Implementing Project
  Case Study – XML, BPEL, WSDL, Using Multiple Partner, Writing File, Sending JMS Massage & Mail, Conditions & Sequence, Event Processor
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