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Attune Infocom is a global Open Source SOA consulting, system integration and outsourcing company that helps customers to design, model, implement and optimize their business processes and achieve interoperability between different applications and information systems. Attune Infocom enables companies to increase productivity, meet their strategic goals, reduce costs, and improve relationships with customers and partners by use of advanced Open Source technologies.
We help customers in industry, universities, major corporations, and government with solutions crafted to adapt their information systems, meet their strategic goals and their business needs. Our solution is based on new technologies, tools and approaches of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Cloud Computing, Portal, Content Management System (CMS) and Social Networking. The CMS websites are built on open sources like Joomla, Drupal, Liferay, Alfresco, Soa, Magento, Zencart, Oscommerce, and Moodle.
Create new application more   quickly and easily by reusing   services
Expose existing applications   and data repositories as   services to build composite   application
Create an application that is   more agile, improve customer   satisfaction and increase   responsiveness
Making business process   visible to business and IT
Optimize the performance of   end-to-end business process
Enabling continuous process   improvement and rapid   interaction
Complete application offered as   a service on demand
Provide OS, middleware,   application software, and   development environment as a   service
Deliver storage and computing   capabilities as services over the   network
Cloud Computing
For capturing, transforming,   managing, archiving,   check-  in / check-out,   versioning   of content
Supporting business process,   routing content, creating audit   trails and approval workflow
Controlling the web content,   sharing and collaboration
User specific personalization,   customization and   recommendations
Web2.0, social networking and   mashup features incorporated   to portal
Rich Internet Application and   rich user interface
Create communities, friends   groups and team
Discuss, comment, & work   together on the same project
Sharing team information and   coordinating activities
Social Networking
SOA is a conceptual architecture to provide loosely coupled, interoperable, platform and language independent solution. SOA Lifecycle supports all aspects of an enterprise business process such as design, model, compose, deploy, manage, monitor and optimize. To achieve SOA vision open-source communities providing various tools, technologies and products.
Attune Infocom provides open source SOA solution with the combination of open-source leading technologies with the assurance of enterprise-class support. Attune open source SOA solutions can reduce costs, risk and increase flexibility and profit.

BPM commercial tools are very complicated to use, difficult to deploy and very expensive. Fortunately, open source BPM products are simple to learn and deploy, It provide visual modeling and various BPMS features out of the box.

Intalio BPMS: provides visual modeling UI to model business process using business process modeling notation(BPMN) and automatically generating BPLE-based orchestration.
JBoss jBPM: It is lightweight worklflow engine with as usable Eclipse-based modeler.  It supports all core modeling nodes and easily extensible.
Apache ODE: Apache ODE (Orchestration Director Engine) is lightweight BPLE engine and can be exposed using JBI to ServiceMix.  
WSO2 Business Process Server: it is based on Apache ODE. It provides web-based admin interface and simulation capabilities

There are at least five mature and efficient open source ESBs are available in the market. It is difficult to select any one of them based on their capabilities as they are providing identical features.  

ServiceMix: Excellent JBI-compliant ESB. It supports EI patterns to design complex flow, most of the protocols and many adapters. 
Mule: It is very mature ESB with strong routing, security and transformation. It support EI pattern, real-time choreography and many adapters.
Apache Synapse: simple and lightweight ESB. It provides high performance and availability features for web mediation.
OpenESB: Netbeans has built-in support for OpenESB with GlassFish Application Server. It is new in market.
JBoss ESB: a new in market and not mature but provide good integration with JBoss middleware.

From last couple of years open source Business rules solutions have been available and becoming very popular.

Drools - JBoss Rules: It is lightweight, embeddable and highly efficient and mature rule engine. It includes repository, DSL support and Eclipse-based authoring environment.

Registry is require for storing the various artifact and can be integrated with policy management feature to help in SOA governance.  We can also use open LDAP as registry or we can use following proprietary solutions.

WSO2 Registry: providing storing, indexing, searching, versioning, catalog and metadata to SOA artifacts.
MuleSource Galaxy: It manages SOA artifacts and provides SOA Governance support.

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ESB Mule/ServiceMix JBossESB WSO2 ESB Apache Synapse
Business Rule Drools Drools - JBoss Rules Other WSO2 products Other Apache products
Portal Liferay JBoss Portal    
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Attune Infocom has start its operation in Australia, We have register our organization in Australia, named "Attune Infocom Pty Ltd".
Dr. Zakir, has been invited to MJCAI and represents Attune Infocom in MJCAI 2010 as a member of Program Committe.
Dr. Zakir, has been invited to MJCAI and represents Attune Infocom in MJCAI 2010 as a member of Program Committe.
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