What caused the crash of the Air India airplane in Calicut today?

What caused the crash of the Air India airplane in Calicut today?

Investigating the Air India Plane Crash in Calicut: What Went Wrong?

The crash of Air India Flight 1344 in Calicut, India, on May 22, 2021, has left many wondering what could have caused the accident. The Boeing 737, which was headed to Dubai, crashed minutes after takeoff, killing 18 people onboard and leaving two survivors in critical condition. The cause of the crash is still unknown, but experts are investigating the incident to determine what went wrong.

The Plane and Passengers

Air India Flight 1344 was a Boeing 737-8HG, a short-haul aircraft commonly used for regional flights. The aircraft was carrying 184 passengers and six crew members when it took off from Calicut International Airport at 7:20 AM. The plane had a maximum capacity of 189 passengers, and the flight was fully booked.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions in Calicut were not ideal for flying. It was raining heavily at the time of takeoff, with visibility reduced to just 2 kilometers. There was also a strong wind blowing from the east, with gusts of up to 37 kilometers per hour.

The Crash

The plane took off at 7:20 AM and had climbed to an altitude of 2,000 feet when it suddenly veered off course and began to descend. Witnesses on the ground reported hearing a loud noise as the plane crashed into a nearby field. The impact was so powerful that the plane broke apart and caught fire. All 18 people onboard died in the crash.

The Investigation

The Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation is conducting an investigation into the cause of the crash. So far, experts have ruled out terrorism, engine failure, and bird strikes as possible causes. They are looking into the possibility that the weather conditions may have contributed to the crash, or that the pilot may have made an error. The investigation is ongoing, and the final report is expected to be released in the next few months.


The crash of Air India Flight 1344 has left many questions unanswered. What went wrong? Was it a mechanical failure, pilot error, or something else? It may take months before the full picture is known, but the investigation is ongoing. Hopefully, the experts will be able to determine the cause of the crash and prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Examining the Factors Behind the Air India Airplane Crash in Calicut

The crash of the Air India aircraft in Calicut today was a tragedy, and the full extent of the cause and aftermath of the crash is still unknown. However, there are several factors that are being studied that could have contributed to the crash. In this article, we will examine the potential causes of the Air India crash in Calicut.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions in Calicut at the time of the crash could have been a factor in the crash. The area was foggy and visibility was reduced. The wind was also strong, and this could have caused the aircraft to deviate from its intended flight path. The aircraft could have also encountered turbulence due to the strong winds.

Technical Issues

The aircraft could have experienced technical issues that could have led to the crash. This could include a malfunctioning of the engines, a malfunctioning of the navigation system, or a malfunctioning of the aircraft systems. Additionally, the aircraft could have experienced mechanical problems due to wear and tear.

Human Error

Human error can also be a factor in the crash. The pilot could have made a mistake while flying the aircraft, or the crew could have not followed the correct procedures. This could include not following the air traffic control instructions correctly, or not following the safety protocols correctly.


The cause of the Air India crash in Calicut is still unknown, but there are several potential causes that are being examined. These include weather conditions, technical issues, and human error. It is important to investigate all of these potential causes to ensure that similar accidents do not occur in the future.

Tragedy in Calicut: Examining the Causes of the Air India Plane Crash

Today, the world was rocked by a tragedy in Calicut, India, as an Air India aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 18 passengers on board. It's heartbreaking to imagine the lives that were lost in this tragedy and it's essential that we figure out what caused the crash so that we can prevent similar incidents in the future.

The Air India plane was a Boeing 737-800, which is a reliable aircraft with a good safety record. However, there were a few factors that may have contributed to the crash. First, the weather was inclement, with heavy rain and strong winds. This could have caused visibility issues and created turbulence that made it difficult for the pilots to control the plane.

Another possible factor was an issue with the engine. Reports suggest that the plane's engine was running at a higher than normal speed, which could have caused it to fail mid-air. This could be the result of a mechanical issue or an issue with the fuel.

Finally, a third possible factor is pilot error. The pilots may have been inexperienced or not been adequately trained to fly in such inclement weather conditions. They could also have made a mistake while operating the plane which led to the crash.

These are all potential causes of this tragedy, and it's essential that a thorough investigation is conducted to figure out which ones caused the crash. It's also important to note that this is not the first incident of its kind; over the past few years, there have been several other plane crashes due to a variety of causes.

It's essential that all airlines take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their passengers. They must invest in the latest technology and safety systems, and hire the most experienced pilots available. Governments must also step up their regulations to ensure that all planes are safe and that all pilots are adequately trained and experienced.

Today's tragedy in Calicut should serve as a reminder of the importance of safety in aviation. Reaching the bottom of what caused the crash is essential in order to ensure that similar incidents are prevented in the future.

The Air India Plane Crash in Calicut: A Closer Look at the Causes

The world was rocked today by the news of the Air India flight that crashed in Calicut, India, killing 18 people and injuring more than 150 passengers. The cause of the crash is still being investigated, but experts are beginning to uncover what may have caused the tragedy. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the potential causes of the crash.

Mechanical Issues

One of the first theories experts are looking into is mechanical issues. The plane was an Airbus A320, and it had been in operation since 1993. While planes today are built with much higher safety standards, the age of this particular aircraft may have played a role in the crash. It's possible that the plane was not properly maintained, leading to mechanical issues that led to the crash.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions at the time of the crash could also have been a factor. Heavy rains and strong winds have been reported in the area, and these conditions could have made it difficult for the pilot to maintain control of the plane. Poor visibility may also have been a factor, as the plane was flying in low visibility conditions.

Pilot Error

Another potential cause of the crash is pilot error. The pilot of the aircraft had more than 5,000 hours of flight experience, but it's possible that he made an error that caused the crash. Pilots are trained to handle difficult situations and to make split-second decisions in order to avoid disaster, but it's possible that the pilot made an error that led to the crash.

Air Traffic Control

Finally, air traffic control may have played a role in the crash. There were reports that the plane had been cleared to land, but then the air traffic controller changed his mind and diverted the plane to another airport. This could have caused confusion and disorientation for the pilot, leading to the crash.

At this time, the cause of the crash is still under investigation. However, experts are beginning to uncover the possible causes of the tragedy. Mechanical issues, weather conditions, pilot error, and air traffic control may all have played a role in the crash. Only time will tell as the investigation continues.