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Course Contents
  1 Day
Understanding Liferay Development
Extension Environment Setup
Eclipse Setup for Extension development
Portal and System properties customization
Lifray JSP Customization
Liferay Action Extension
   - Global Startup Action
Custom Attribute & Expando Table
Portlet Preference
    - Development time
    - Run time
Liferay Permission
    - Portlet Resources
    - Model Resources
Liferay Action Extension
    - Global Startup Action
Introduction to Service builder
    - Database interaction
Introduction to SOA in Liferay
    - Web Services
    - WSRP
CMS Projects solutions in attuneinfocom SOA
BPM consulting BPM
Open source ESB ESB
CMS training E-Commerce
Web2.0/Social Networking
Cloud Computing/Virtualization
Liferay Portal Training in india Event-Driven SOA
Grid Computing
Semantic Web
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