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Information System have played an increasingly visible role over the past several years in improving the competitiveness of business. More than just tools for handling repetitive tasks, they’re used to guide and advance all of a company’s daily activities. Integrated management software is today very often a key source of significant competitive advantage.
For this you need a common language for shared references, policies and communication. An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system makes the ideal platform for this common reference point.
Risks and integration costs are important barriers to all the advantages you gain from such system. That’s why today, few small, and medium sized companies use ERP. In additional, the larger ERP vendors such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle haven’t been able to reconcile the power and comprehensive cover of an ERP system with the simplicity and flexibility wanted by the users. But this is exactly what small and medium enterprises looking for.
To make an ERP system fully available to small and medium enterprise, cost reduction is the first priority. Open source software makes it possible to greatly reduce development costs by aggressive reuse of open source software libraries; to eliminate intermediaries (the distributors), with all of their expensive sales overhead; to cut out selling costs by free publication of the software; and to considerable reduce the marketing overhead.
  Attune Infocom provides OpenERP Integration, Customization and Cunsulting  
  OpenERP is an impressive software system, being simple to use and yet providing great advantages in helping you to manage your company. It’s easy to install under Windows and under Linux compared with other enterprise-scale systems, and offers unmatched functionality.

Because of its modularity, collaborative developments in OpenERP have been cleanly integrated, enabling and company to choose from a large list of available functions. As with most open source software, accessibility, flexibility, and simplicity are important keywords for development.

OpenERP, is management software that is downloaded more than any other open source ERP in the world, with over 700 downloads per day. It’s available today in 18+ languages and has a world networks of partners and contributors. More than 800 developers participate in the projects on the collaborative development system of Tiny Forge.

To our knowledge, OpenERP is the only management system which is routinely used not only by big companies but also by very small companies and independent companies.

The language used to program OpenERP is Python, an object oriented programming language (under an open source license). The Python programs run on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. The programming model of OpenERP is entirely object oriented even though the database is relational. The database that is used by OpenERP is PostgreSQL.

OpenERP has become established as the main free market-changing alternative for enterprise management systems in amongst software from giants such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft and from the small software developers in their own niches.

Until now only two main alternatives existed for systems that manage a company’s information: install a proprietary ERP system, complete but usually overweight, inflexible and expensive; or develop solution internality, adopted to current needs but often expensive to develop, not integrated and incomplete.

With its free business model, OpenERP combines the advantages of a complete ERP system with the flexibility of an in-house solution. The open source code, the project’s general flexibility, and its hundreds of modules let you construct a solution from a selection of the modules already available and you can then freely update it as your needs evolve.

The result will be at the top end of what you might expect from any ERP system, let alone an Open Source System, and find the considerable gains in productivity, efficiency and visibility.
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