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  Atlassian builds innovative tools that help technical teams collaborate.  
Atlassian is a company specializing in collaboration and development tools. Atlassian is offering a complete suite of products that can be of great help to all but the largest software development organizations. We also use Atlassian tools and recommend them to our customers. Major strength of Atlassian's products is their simplicity, deploying them throughout the organization and integration with the source code repositories, development environments, project management systems, directory servers, project portal and support systems.
  Atlassian Products:  
JIRA is a powerful and flexible issue tracker used for software development, bug tracking, technical support, resource allocation, and project and change management. JIRA has been designed with a focus on task achievement, is instantly usable, and is flexible to work with.



Features include:
• Manage bugs, features, tasks, improvements or any issue
• The clean and powerful user interface is easy to understand for both business and technical users
• Map your business processes to custom workflows
• Track attachments, changes, components and versions
• Full text searching and powerful filtering (customisable, saveable, shareable and subscribeable!)
• Customisable dashboards and real-time statistics
• Enterprise security and permissions
• Easily extended to and integrated with other systems (including email, RSS, Excel, XML and source control)


Confluence is an enterprise wiki that makes it easy for your team to collaborate
and share knowledge. Adding, sharing and finding content has never been easier.
With Confluence’s fine-grained permissions capabilities, you control who can view,
create, edit, comment, or upload attachments in work spaces and pages.




Features include:
• Enterprise security
• Simple installation and management
• Attractive, user-friendly WYSIWYG interface
• Powerful tools for structuring and searching your wiki
• Professional features such as PDF export and automated refactoring
• An open API for extension and integration
• Hundreds of free plugins on our developer network


Your source code repository contains an abundance of useful information that is not
easy to extract, comprehend or keep up to date. FishEye painlessly opens up your
repository to help you better understand your changing source.




Features include:
• Track changes to your own, your team's, or everyone's source
• Quickly jump to files. Search by comments, paths, source, authors, or construct
sophisticated queries with EyeQL
• Link to any artifact in your repository; commits, diffs, directories, file histories,
revisions, source lines, and search results
• Line graphs at every node from root to revision, history charts showing branches
and tags, file annotations for age and ownership



Continuous integration (CI) automates the process of compiling and testing source code, saving time as well as identifying build problems as soon as they occur. More than a conventional continuous integration (CI) server, Bamboo provides BuildTelemetry to help identify and highlight trends, patterns, and linkages across builds not just focusing on the results of a single build.




Features include:
• Dynamic real-time telemetry to help you improve existing and future builds, tests and teams
• Continuous improvement in the health of your projects with advanced continuous integration features
• Instant feedback via a range of notification and personalisation options to suit the way you work
• Collaboration features including labels and comments
• Seamless integration with other development tools



Clover is a powerful and highly configurable code coverage analysis tool used for improving test quality, test productivity, and project integration.




What Clover Delivers:
• Identify project risks with low coverage and high complexity
• Justify testing time to management with progress reports
• Be notified immediately of new, poorly tested code
• Drive code quality through coverage history
• Confirm your tests actually cover the code they appear to
• Found a bug? Identify the tests that should have caught it
• Find out if your test suite starts getting out-of-date
• Avoid wasted effort by knowing what’s already tested
• Measure your testing productivity

Features include:
• Fast, accurate, configurable, detailed coverage reporting of method, statement,
and branch coverage
• Unique per-test coverage shows what tests hit what statements
• Rich reporting in HTML, PDF or XML
• Precise control over the process of gathering coverage data, using source-level filtering

• Identification of 'dead code' in an application



Crucible makes it easy to review code changes, make comments, and record outcomes in an efficient, distributed, and process-neutral way. Individuals can perform code reviews independently, making it an excellent tool for distributed development teams.




Features include:
• Setup, organise, execute and follow up code reviews with colleagues anywhere, anytime
• Manage the review process with a customisable workflow
• Multiple people can comment on the line, revision, or review-level as the review passes through each stage of the workflow
• Jump between files, drill down to detailed diff analysis, and view change history



Crowd is a web-based single sign-on (SSO) tool that simplifies application provisioning and identity management. Administrators can manage authentication and authorisation for as many users, web applications and directory servers as needed all through a single, intuitive interface.




Features include:
• Manage any number of users, logins and passwords
• Centralise user management for applications such as JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Subversion and more
• Connect to multiple LDAP servers, such as Microsoft Active Directory
• Integrate or import legacy user repositories
• Control access to select applications for every user and group
• Easily connect Crowd's application framework to new web applications

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