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  Web Services One Day Student Training  
  This training is specifically planned for student to provide a brief introduction to the concepts of XML, Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). XML forms one of the key underlying technologies for enabling web services and web services makes SOA popular.  
From this training you will learn data interoperability using XML, key building blocks of web services, and various software development methodologies that can be used to develop web services based applications.
  Course Content  
  1. Introduction to Web Services
  • Web Services overview
  • Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)
  • Advantages of Web Services
  • Web Services Business Models
  • Case Study: Internal System Integration
  • Case Study: Business Process Externalization
  • SOAP
  • UDDI
  • WSDL
  • Web Services Interoperability(WS-I)
  • WS-* standards

2. Web Services Support in Eclipse

  • XML Programming
  • XML Overview
  • Data and Document Structure
  • An example of XML Document
  • Tags
  • Markup Languages
  • Well-formed vs. Valid XML Document
  • Enforcing Validity: DTDs
  • Presentation Style
  • Sections of an XML Document
  • XML Elements
  • Nesting and Hierarchy of XML Elements
  • Tag Attributes
  • Naming Rules
  • Namespaces
  • Using Namespaces
  • Java API for XML
  • The XML Example
  • Example SAX Handler
  • Example: Begin Parsing
  • Using DOM to Parse
  • With Namespace Enabled
  • Example: Build DOM Document
  • Example: Save DOM Document in a File
  • Summary

3. XML Schema Basics

  • What is XML Schema?
  • Creating a Schema File
  • Defining a Simple Element
  • Defining a Complex Element
  • Defining Element Attributes
  • Referring to an Element From Another Element
  • Defining Abstract Data Types
  • Adding Restrictions
  • Referring to a Schema from a XML Document
  • Summary

4. Web Services Description Language (WSDL)

  • WSDL Overview
  • WSDL Document Tags
  • WSDL Namespaces
  • Sample WSDL Document Structure
  • One-way operation
  • Request-Response operation
  • Solicit-Response operation
  • Notification operation
  • Modeling Simple Operation
  • Modeling Complex Operation
  • Modeling Complex Message
  • Binding
  • SOAP Binding Example
  • WSDL SOAP Binding Extensions
  • RPC, Document Style
  • WSDL API for Java
  • Summary

5. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

  • SOAP Overview
  • SOAP In Protocol Stack
  • SOAP Components
  • Message Envelope
  • Message Envelope - Headers
  • SOAP HTTP Request Example
  • SOAP HTTP Response Example
  • Header Attributes
  • SOAP Body
  • SOAP Fault
  • Communication Style
  • RPC/Encoded Style
  • RPC/Literal Style
  • Document/Literal Style
  • Document/Literal Wrapped Style
  • Details of the Wrapped Style
  • Summary

6. Universal Description Discovery & Integration (UDDI)

  • UDDI Overview
  • UDDI in Web Services Architecture
  • UDDI
  • Businesses and Services in UDDI
  • Static and Dynamic Web Services
  • UDDI Registry Structure
  • UDDI Registry Structure -tModel
  • UDDI Registry Structure
  • UDDI Interactions
  • UDDI in WebSphere
  • Summary

7. Web Services Software Development Methodology

  • Need for a Software Methodology in Web Services
  • The Software Lifecycle
  • Software Lifecycle
  • Service Provider
  • Provider: Green Field
  • Provider: Top-down
  • Provider: Bottom-up
  • Provider: Meet in the Middle
  • The Service Requester
  • Summary


Price: Rs. 2000/-


Duration: 8 Hours – 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

  Development Environment  
  • Eclipse
  • Aache
  • OS - Windows XP


  • Basic Java, Web technology and development processes.



Attune Infocom Pvt. Ltd.
Ground Floor G-2, Aakruti Complex, Above Stadium Under Bridge, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380009, Gujarat, India.




Please register immediately as this training has limited seats (only 10).
For registration please send email on

For more information, please contact us on +91-9898084558, +91-79-40047258
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